Can it be done more simply?

It certainly can! We tend to make projects and organizations unnecessarily complicated. And if we don’t do it ourselves, others do it for us. Before you know it, a beautiful plan or project turns into hassle and the momentum is gone.

Simplifying is a method to bring focus to projects, to move from complex to simple and from hassle to flow. Unravel a project, get rid of all the side issues and frills and you’ll see what it’s really about again. The next steps in realizing the project become crystal clear and you can start acting. For organizations, simplifying is a way to discover or rediscover the core of their existence: Why do we do what we do?

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In Simplifying Jan-Peter Bogers describes how to recognize avoidable hassle and plumb the depths of complexity. Five key questions, six energy drains and a toolbox with 27 techniques will help you to simplify. Numerous examples and case studies show how simplifying works in practice.

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Simplifying was nominated for best Management book of the Year 2014 in The Netherlands and reached the final five

From the jury report:
Simplifying: reducing complexity by dealing with management hassle; a book that's practical and easy to apply. The book convinces us for it's own simplicity. Jan-Peter Bogers makes it crystal clear that we too often lose track of the essence of what we do and get bogged down in the swamp of complexity. While it all began with a simple idea. The book invites us to apply the techniques on a small and large scale and contributes to what managers aim for: getting things done! 

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"Simplifying is playful and deadly serious at the same time. It starts with the mindset that simpler is often better and ends with an easier realization of projects and more dynamic organizations."